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Monday Review: PeptaLash

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I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned this, but anyone who knows me knows my battle with my eyelashes. I absent mindedly pick off my mascara during the day, and lashes usually come with. This has left me with short lashes. They weren’t very long or full to begin with anyway so really I am doing myself no favours.

Enough about me, how are you? So I have read a few reviews about different lash growth serums and decided to purchase one from Boots. They didn’t have the one I wanted in store so I ended up getting this one > PeptaLash < The packaging promised fuller, longer lashes in 2 weeks. I spoke to a beautician about the serums and she said they stop your lashes falling out naturally, so they just keep growing. not 100% sure if this is true but I was willing to try it out in the name of beautiful lashes.

The serum comes in a pot similar to liquid eyeliner, and you brush it along the root of the lashes. It is a clear liquid, not too runny. AVOID eye contact as it stings horribly. I apply this twice a day as stated, before I did my makeup in the morning and before I go to sleep. It can be annoying in the morning as I have to wait for this to dry before applying my eyeliner. If they had a black version of this I would use it more often as I could use it instead of my usual black eyeliner.

After 2 weeks I noticed a dramatic difference, my lashes were looking longer and fuller. I had been using the same mascara so there was no way that could have affected the outcome. I did make a conscious effort to stop fiddling with my eyelashes during the 2 weeks so this may also have contributed to my lashes looking better. I forgot to use the serum one weekend and after a week of not using it, I felt like my lashes went back to their usual short self, and the effects of this serum aren’t long lasting.

I now use this serum when I feel my lashes aren’t in good shape, and need a boost, or when I know there’s a special occasion I want long natural lashes for. I am currently using the serum here’s a before picture, I’ll post an after picture in 2 weeks! (sorry for the poor poor quality, but as you can see they are really short!

photo 1 photo 2


Blog challenge: Spending Ban

spend ban

So a lot of you might have seen the word ‘spending ban’ being thrown around the blogsphere and I think I need to jump on the bandwagon. I recently had a clearout of my beauty drawer… did I say drawer? I meant whole chest of drawers and 3 tier storage unit.

Does anyone else buy a new mascara when their one is nearly empty, then start using the new one and never throw away the old one? I have about 6 different mascaras and I don’t know why.  I have 7 foundations all in different shades, instead of just one summer and one winter, loads of samples products I have collected from events or was given as freebies.

Even after 6 bags full of almost empty products were thrown away, I still had loads of products, enough to last me at least until Christmas. So from this day forward I will  not buy a product when I have one similar, and when I buy a new one, I will throw away the old one.

I am going to be honest and I will tweet every time I buy a makeup or beauty product with the hashtag #AprilSpends and in December I will post a pic of all the times I bought products. If you want to join in too please use the hashtag #SpendBanChallenge so we can swap tips!

Tweet me @April_Todd if you have any tips on how to get through my spending ban!

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Products I Regret Buying

review button I’m sorry, I know some of you might be expecting to see the nutella cheesecake post, but I just didn’t have time to get to the shop today and buy the ingredients, so I’m going to do this post instead! I’ve been wanting to do a ‘product regret’ post for ages, and I recently cleared out my beauty drawer which gave me a chance to evaluate all of my products. I’ll start with the Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-On for around £9. I bought this product a few months ago when I was suffering from dry and tired eyes. I thought it would make my eyes look and feel more awake before applying makeup. The website states ‘Refreshes and hydrates tired looking skin & helps reduce the appearance of puffy bags’ I used this everyday for a week, and I know this might not be enough time to see a difference in the appearance of bags, there were other things about the product I didn’t like. I rolled it on each eye a few times and waited for it to dry before applying makeup. While it is wet it felt quite refreshing on my skin but as it dried the skin felt dried out and tight, which was the opposite to what I bought it for. It also took quite a while to dry and when I only have 8 minutes to do my makeup in the morning, this is precious time I just don’t have. If you have dry eyes I suggest buying standard eye drops for a few pounds, I did this after buying this product and wish I wouldn’t have wasted my £9. Garnier eye roll on beautiface The next product is Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint, bought for about £7. I bought this as I like to wear lip colour but feel like lipstick is sometimes too much to wear everyday, especially when it needs reapplying. I don’t want to be too harsh about these products but I don’t think there is anything I liked about the Lip Tint. Firstly, when I applied it, I needed to go over my lips a few times before I got a good coverage. Because it is quite watery, I found it bled really badly around my lip line. After an hour wear I noticed the colour was sticking to the dryer patches of my lips and in the creases. A few good points, the Lip Tint did last quite a while, but I usually took it off before it came off as it didn’t agree with my lips. Oh it also has a lovely smell, like berries, but I can get a berry lipbalm for a few pounds so really not that much of a plus. lipfinity review beautiface My final thing I regret buying isn’t really a product regret, it is more of a little rant about a group of products I don’t like. I recently got > this < little Benefit kit from a friend for my birthday, and was so pleased when I noticed I could remove all the items from the kit. This turned out to be so useful when travelling as they are just tiny versions of products I love, and saved so much room in my bag. Thanks Donna! This got me thinking about two other benefit kits I have at home, which I rarely use. They are the kits which have products ‘built in’ and also products you can take out. I find these so difficult to use, they don’t fit in my makeup bag so I store them separately and I just forget to use them. I’ve resorted to ripping out the built in products and keeping them in a plastic bag in my makeup bag, as you can probably guess from the picture. I do love palettes, like my Naked palette as I feel like all the space is used, but these other kits, (and I am only using benefit as an example because I have a few of their kits) seem to be unnecessarily large.product regret beautifaceI hope you guys liked this post, I have wanted to do a regret post for ageeees but I research products loads before buying them and rarely buy products I don’t like. If you liked this post you might like my other review posts which can be found here: >click me click meee<

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Monday Review: Sensationail Gel Nail Kit Review

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So last week I received a £50 voucher from work for being fabulous. I decided to treat myself and buy the Sensationail Gel nail polish by Nailene. I read a few good reviews and thought I would give it a go. I got mine from boots for £69 as this was where my voucher was for however if you want to buy this, I suggest shopping around as the sensationail website had the same kit on offer for £50 that same week.

sensationail nailene

When I first opened the kit I was a bit dissapointed at how small the bottles of product were. They are around the size of a tester or childrens nail varnish, so when the kit said suitable for 10 complete applications, it really meant just 10. Although saying that, 10 applications each lasting 2 weeks does add up to 5 months of wear so I guess that isn’t that bad really?! I don’t know, I just thought for £69 I would get something more substantial.

There was a little leaflet that fell out as I opened the box which I soon found out was the instructions. They were really straightforward and I was able to apply the polish with no problem. I have had a few professional gel polishes before and was suprised at how similar the application was. I don’t know the exact ingredients of the products included vs professional gel nails, but each step was the same. I am guessing the professional ones use stronger chemicals so only qualified nail technicians can use them?!

The finished product:

pink chiffon nailene sensational

After a day two of the nails started to peel. I think this was probably because I applied some of the product to the skin either side of the nail and had a long bath. I read a few reviews of sensationail on blogs before I bought the kit, and a few people had difficulty taking off the gels, but I found after one corner started to lift, I could easily peel the gel from the nail. I think this is just me though as I like to pick at things; I usually absent mindedly pick at my nail varnish which is why I bought this, as I thought it would curb that.

tips button

A few things that aren’t obvious and if you are lazy like me you wouldn’t think to do.

  1. push back cuticles and trim before applying this; my first few came off because I painted on a rogue cuticle
  2. read how to ‘cap’ the end of the nail carefully, this will prolong the gel nails
  3. practice on someone else first; get the technique down, then try on your own nails… not like me who did my own straight away and disaster!

I’ll update in 2 weeks and show everyone  how they look. I will probably fix nails as I go on, so if one comes off i’ll take a pic before replacing it.

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Autumn Makeup Look: Go Matte or Go Home


So this week I think I have finally accepted that it is Autumn. After a week in sunny Gran Canaria my skintone thinks different, but alas it is time to ditch the shimmery bronzer and bring out the Autumn tones.

autumn makeup look

Last winter was prolonged and I suffered from quite dry skin, because of this I usually start my makeup routine with Clinique hydrating masque. I blogged about it here << It is meant to be an overnight mask but I find it works really well as mousturiser too. Short days and long nights mean waking up while it is still dark, which always makes my under eye bags worse. I use Estee Lauder doublewear concealer around the eye area, and doublewear foundation. I find that if I wear doublewear everyday my skin can get really dry, so I will need to invest in a lighter shade of my wake me up foundation.

Autimn/Winter means it is time to put away the glitter and shimmer and go for a more matte look. (Until the Christmas season of course). I use Rimmel stay matte powder in translucent to stop my makeup running in the rain/wind/snow. I don’t really use powder as I like the dewey look, but I have heard good things about this setting makeup so I hope it will help my makeup stay in place during the winter. My blusher of choice is a plum shade from 17 called plum puff, it is a nice deep colour for the cheeks.

I always finish with the eyes, I line all around with a brown Barry M kohl pencil, which conveniently matches my eyebrows so I gave them a quick pencil in too. I like thick eyebrows for winter. I use my naked palette, and cover the eye in naked, and the crease in smog for a little smokey eye touch. Finally I finish with They’re real mascara by benefit. At first I didn’t like this mascara, I don’t usually get on with plastic brushes, and it took a while to get the technique down, but now I have, I love it.

I lied earlier, I finish with lips; probably because I don’t always wear lipstick. I go for earthy tones in Autumn/Winter, with a matte finish. I have MAC Viva glam III on, review here << For an everyday look I wipe the lipstick over my bottom lip, rub lips together and blend with my finger. I feel this gives a hint of colour but not too much that it overpowers the look.

Autumn makeup look

I’m going to try and do a few more makeup looks as I really enjoyed making this post today, and love practicing with my new brush set I keep raving about!

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